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April 19, 2010

Stevie Z’s Is Officially Closed ūüė¶ Please check back here or on my Facebook page because I will break out the smoker at the local grocery store a few weekends this summer!

If you’re ever driving along I75¬†between Cincinnati¬†and Dayton or I70 between Cincinnati and Columbus check the map for the town of Waynesville, OH.

Click on map for close up.

Mark it well my friend because¬†you’re¬†within range of¬†some¬†BBQ¬†you’re going to¬†remember¬†for the rest of your life!¬†With the first bite of Stevie Z’s¬†juicy pulled pork, tender brisket and homemade sides you know its something special. With the second bite, you’re nothing but a¬†wild hyena protecting its kill. Just ask anyone who has tried to sneak a bite from someone elses plate!

CAUTION – Buy Enough Stevie Z’s To Share!

Why are people going nuts over Stevie Z’s?

From the first day Steve opened his BBQ stand in the parking lot of the local grocery store, people have been raving about the taste.¬†It’s because¬†we don’t cut corners.¬†We go through the trouble to smoke our BBQ with real wood. We take the time to blend our¬†rubs and sauces in-house. And we eliminate as much fat as possible.¬†At Stevie Z’s creating world class BBQ is a calling – not a chore.

It all starts with fire!

This stuff is wood fired!

Cooking with real hardwood logs is a time-consuming chore. Cutting, splitting and stacking the wood is the easy part. Keeping it going at the right temperature without sending too much ash and soot into the cooking chamber is the hard part.

Any yahoo off the street can throw a log into a propane cooker¬†and that’s¬†why¬†so many restaurants¬†go this route. At Stevie Z’s, we’ll¬†gouge out our eyeballs with a spoon before we¬†infuse our BBQ with noxious fumes!

Outstanding BBQ Needs No Sauce

If you have to cover your BBQ with a thick sweet sauce – you’re hiding something.¬†We always invite our customers to try our BBQ¬†without any sauce to experience what a proper “bark” should taste like.

The¬†first thing you’ll¬†notice is the mahogany¬†color.¬†This color is the result¬†of¬†paying attention¬†during the cook to make sure we’re not blasting the sugars in the rub and keeping the soot and ash to a minimum.

The next thing you’ll notice is the taste. It’s very distinctive. This is because we¬†blend our rubs¬†to work with apple and¬†beechwood¬†smoke. In addition, we add a special blend of juices at the end of the cooking process to bring all the¬†flavors together.

When your ready to explore the taste sensations of Stevie Z’s BBQ it’s time to add our sauces.

Stevie Z’s Gold Sauce

If you want to taste the pulled pork that put Stevie Z on the map –¬†try the original. This stuff is¬†marinated for hours in our¬†thin North Carolina red. We also make our own North Carolina Gold and¬†a thick KC Style sauce. Creating new BBQ sauces (and other products) is the fun part of running a BBQ joint.¬† As we continue to develop our line of BBQ sauces the imput of our customers is vital!

At Stevie Z’s we cut the fat!

Let’s face it, boston butt and brisket will never be classified as a low-fat food. But after¬†tasting what we offer here at Stevie Z’s – you might¬†think otherwise! We go through a lot of steps to eliminate as much fat as possible…

  • We trim it before cooking.¬†¬†In order to develop a tasty “bark” the rub needs to be on the meat, not the fat.
  • We render it out¬†during¬†the¬†slow cooking process.¬†If¬†the meat is covered with a¬†“fat cap” how can fat inside the meat drain away?
  • We pull it out after the cook is over. While others take a whole cooked butt and grind it up fat and all, we pull, trim and cut all the finished meat by hand. This gives us the opportunity to pull out any yucky stuff.
  • During the last¬†stage of the cooking process we add a special blend of juices to¬†bring out¬†maximum flavor. When¬†the cook is finally over we separate this juice from the meat, skim out the fat and pour it back over the finished product.

World Class BBQ

At Stevie Z’s we are relentless in the pursuit of producing world-class¬†BBQ.¬†We understand cutting corners with propane won’t get us there. We¬†know¬†a¬†fat laced product won’t get us there. We truly believe that mastering the art of cooking with¬†fire, hand crafting¬†rubs and sauces and paying attention to detail¬†is the way to serve our guests¬†world-class BBQ.